A seamless and holistic human-machine interface (HMI) is a key differentiator for vehicles today. That is why the development of innovative display solutions and creative interaction technologies is one of the most important areas of innovation. These systems must enable comfortable and effective communication between passengers and the vehicle, while also enabling a safe vehicle.

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The HMI combines information, entertainment, productivity, and connectivity. Soon it will also replace the driver.


Automated buses and cabs are expected to play a key role in future public transportation, providing a unique mobility experience. For many passengers, this will also be the first time they need to trust a machine for a secure and convenient ride. The HMI system therefore must play a key role to create confidence and satisfaction for the passenger.

We’ve developed an intuitive client based on human-driven requirements, combining the most appropriate visual and audio systems to create a safe, exciting, and best-in-class transportation experience. This was aided by natural language assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa, which create a high level of trust through a human-like communication experience. Smart displays provide additional route information and safety tips.

To successfully develop this system, we had to input, interpret, translate and output data from different areas such as powertrain, chassis and the backend.  By successfully modeling the entire system architecture, including all necessary interfaces, we have created the basis for simplified and efficient collaboration between all development partners.

High number of variants, maximum customization, full connectivity

The infotainment system is the main interface to the driver. A malfunction is immediately obvious to the customer, resulting in decreased satisfaction as well as safety concerns. Today, such a defect can only be solved by a large and costly recall, jeopardizing both the reputation and profitability of a carmaker.

We helped a world-class truck manufacturer to ensure the quality and robustness of infotainment functions in their instrument cluster, which was introduced along with a brand-new E/E architecture.

This required a structured, comprehensive validation approach. To that end, we setup a high-performing simulation environment, which helped to identify bugs in functions such as audio, navigation or media information in a very early stage. The concept was coupled to an intelligent and highly automated component and system level test design. The cluster was monitored by an intelligent camera system, so even the smallest malfunctions in the display could be detected.

This approach helped our customer to handle quality defects with suppliers and led to a very cost-effective test approach for a high number of variants – ultimately resulting in reliable, user-friendly and intuitive instrument clusters.

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