We transform

your automotive customer experiences with

Gen AI

We apply Generative AI to Automotive – enabling you to offer the best possible Infotainment experience.

It’s time to use Generative AI in Automotive to offer the best possible Infotainment experience.

Our global software team did it – and will create solutions tailored to your specific needs, too. Blazing fast, end to end, done together.

FEV.io developed an AI Integration Framework for an outstanding smart voice assistant for vehicles, based on Generative AI.

Using this solution, finally, your car understands your needs and wishes!


Our Approach

What do customers expect today from a digital car, in the age of Generative AI and permanent connectivity? We always start with the Customer Experience (CX)

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What We Deliver

How do we get smartness into the vehicle?

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How We Get You There

FEV.io is your companion and develops such solutions with you as follows


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Bernd Mrohs

Digital Services
-Infotainment, Connectivity, GenAI

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Dipl.-Inf. / Computer Science 


Tech & Product Leadership 
HERE Technologies, Berlin & Silicon Valley 
HERE Maps Mobile & Location-based Services 
HERE On Demand Mobility API 
Mercedes Benz Lab1886, Head of Product 


Software Solutions


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