Safety risks and cyberattacks have never been more common. Time to counteract.

Safety and security are central topics for future mobility concepts. While Functional Safety is already rooted in the industry, new challenges are presented by connected, automated, and electrified vehicle development. Furthermore, a comprehensive Cyber Security culture still needs to be established for mobility applications. These disciplines will play a key role in the coming years.


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Cyber Security — from feature to selling point.


With the introduction of new connected and automated vehicle types, Cyber Security is evolving from a feature to a mandatory requirement for OEMs and suppliers. Even though there is a broad consensus in the industry about the relevance of Cyber Security, establishing and consolidating a comprehensive security culture is still a hurdle.

We developed a future-proof, automotive-driven Cyber Security ecosystem for a global Tier One supplier at both the software and hardware levels. We utilized our methodology framework, which uses established processes and responsibilities from the Functional Safety domain. We leveraged synergies from the existing workflow to increase efficiency and create a high adaptation curve, providing a high level of recognized value for the developer.

By considering all relevant technological dimensions, from the ECU level to the cloud, we integrated different organizational units and connect people. Through this process, we not only helped our client strengthen their focus on security, but also helped them establish Cyber Security as a strong selling point when bidding for OEM contracts.

Connected Vehicles Graphics automotive security framework -

Safety first! Raising Awareness for Functional Safety & CYber security in the concept phase.


Designers are driven by the idea of turning their vision into reality. Especially in early development phases, Functional Safety and Cyber Security are not always top of mind. However, seamless integration of safety management into day-to-day development operations is essential to ensure an automotive-grade development process, right from the start.

More and more vehicle manufacturers are facing this challenge. We are supporting a European premium OEM in the development of hybrid powertrains, utilizing a coordinated approach to Functional Safety and Cyber Security.

First, we created a holistic understanding of the issues across the development organization via a guided workshop series. By using the same routines in the safety and security processes, we increased employee engagement and accelerated the implementation phase. Design engineers are able to continue working toward the optimal customer experience, while meeting security requirements with minimal additional effort.

This resulted in design freeze after a minimal number of iteration cycles, along with a consistent verification and validation strategy.

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Optimizing time, cost, and safety: A lean Functional Safety approach for prototype development.


Functional demonstrators serve an important role while soliciting direct customer feedback, attracting attention of investors, or evaluating the technical feasibility of a concept. These demonstrators must be safe. But they also must be cost effective and timely. Without a clear safety standard for prototypes, an optimal trade-off between time, costs and safety compliance must be found.

As part of their funding strategy, a start-up carmaker wanted to build a compelling rolling demonstrator to showcase their first battery electric vehicle as early as possible.

During the concept phase, we implemented our best-in-class Functional Safety approach for prototype development. Based on standardized templates and workflows adapted for demonstration purposes,  we used a risk-based approach to find the optimal trade-off between a resource saving strategy and comprehensive safety compliance. At the same time, we development artifacts with series production in mind, allowing for maximum reusability as our customer moved beyond the prototype phase.

Our customer was able to efficiently develop and showcase a safe, functional prototype on stage, attracting significant attention from potential investors.

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