Automakers must reinvent their position in the market by offering software-driven technologies, while facing competition from both emerging and established tech players. End customers can look forward to a mixture of high-performance solutions from multiple industries, resulting in a unique user experience.

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Vehicle Data — the new business case over-the-air


Providing vehicle data to adjacent industries can help making mobility significantly safer and more comfortable. For instance, by offering advanced analysis of regional traffic patterns and traffic route usage – such as parking behavior, braking behavior or road conditions (e.g., potholes) – to public authorities, we can change the way cities ar designed in the future.

We see already growing virtual marketplaces like Otonomo or Mobilithek, in which parties can trade their data. This creates new business opportunities and reshapes barriers to market entry. Vehicle manufacturers today must  adapt fast in order to effectively develop and implement highly diversified software products.

We empowered a world class Big Data company to enter the mobility sector with advanced connected services. Together, we bridged the gap between the automotive and information & telecommunication industries for the development of highly innovative solutions. As part of the business plan definition process, we modelled individual V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) and data management use cases for industries such as insurance, public sector, and logistics. We then merged signals from the in-vehicle-networks with smartphone and infrastructure information according to technical and legislative requirements, deriving a clear development roadmap, including a comprehensive partner ecosystem. Our customer was able

e-Call: The must have connected service

eCall is the first connected function to be mandatory for every new vehicle in the EU since 2018. It is designed to save lives and thus is of the utmost importance. The operation of eCall involves a complex coordination of various in-vehicle services (e.g Telematics, Infotainment, E\E), GNSS  (Global Navigation Satellite System) navigation, mobile network communication and off board data transmission. An optimized product development and efficient validation process is only possible with the combination of the different technical disciplines..

With our unique methodical approach, we were able to structure the development for eCAll  for an OEM by providing suitable hardware and software specifications, as well as supporting tight integration of the development process with the chosen Mobile Network Operator (MNO).

We have achieved this by leveraging synergies with validation activities in other areas. As we are familiar with the mobile network operator (MNO) certification process for eCall devices, we were able to develop an intelligent and efficient testing strategy.

Trusting kept the development program on track  and provided a highly efficient approach for next generation systems.


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Providing connected services demands understanding of the whole ecosystem

Connected functions need to combine best practices not only from various domains, but from different industries. To form a suitable ecosystem, consisting of in-vehicle control units, a network connection and proper data management is the key success factor for best-in-class user experience.

Within the context of a turnkey vehicle platform project, we were responsible for the development of the Connectivity Domain and Telematics Control Unit. Getting the entire system design from one partner was the major benefit for our customer. With our end-to-end mindset, we were able to find interdisciplinary solutions which led to an optimized system architecture. Using WLAN and cellular based communication, we supported use cases in all relevant V2X categories : safety, traffic management & efficiency, vehicle management and infotainment. Our profound market insights, especially in Chinese legislation, were considered in the requirements definition and helped to select the best set of suppliers. Our customer was highly satisfied after receiving a series ready connected system ready create, process and share data with the environment.

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Bringing Development, Simulation and Test of connected functions to a new level 


Connectivity is all about communication. When considering connected functions, both the sender and the receiver must be taken into account. This makes it difficult – if not impossible – to test such functions only at one endpoint, at least special simulation methods and tools are required.

We have a platform- and vendor-agnostic approach to the testing of connected functions and features. Knowing, that design, coding and testing requires a similar level of simulation for the interfaces external to the system under test enables us to make the most efficient use of existing test systems by enhancing them for connected testing, as well as supporting customers in setting up a development platform from scratch.

Our in-house design platform enables us to simulate, design, code and test even the most demanding V2X use cases, such as cooperative ADAS/ADS functions, without putting a real vehicle or driver at risk until the required maturity is achieved. This approach significantly reduces costs by not needing multiple vehicles for test and design purposes until late in the product lifecycle.


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